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Short Stories Set on Halloween

Short Stories Set on Halloween

A short story is just the right length for a scary tale because it can be read in the span of a night. Written by some of the greats in the genre, these tales that take place on Halloween are not to be missed. So, turn the lights down low, lock your doors, take a breath, and let the screams begin.

The October Game

Author: Ray Bradbury

Published: 1948

EC Comics adaptation of "The October Game"

EC Comics adaptation of “The October Game”


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Great Novels Set on Halloween

Great Novels Set on Halloween

Written with moonlit and ghost-filled imaginations, all of these novels are set either on or right around Halloween. These gold and ocher tinged stories are sure to be the best tricks and treats you get this year.

The Halloween Tree (1972)

Author: Ray Bradbury

Halloween Tree

Author: Ray Bradbury / Art: Leo and Diane Dillon

A group of boys search for their missing friend Pipkin, who has been taken on Halloween…

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Top 5 Indie Books

Top 5 Indie Books

It is fast approaching September, and I have been privileged enough to be considered a book reviewer by many authors in 2012 after expressing my interest in a blog. Since then, I have been receiving books to read for review by independent authors looking to make a break in writing.

If you are on the lookout for books to buy for Christmas as a present, do consider these.

Here are my top five:


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Transcending Mediums

In Memory of Robin Williams

As the world mourns the loss of great actor and comedian Robin Williams, I remember the characters he had played and think: how I wish I could write the way he speaks. We all might know him as an actor and comedian, but not many of us (actually I think we all) knew that he had improvised many of the dialogues and conversations in the movies, Aladdin being one of them.

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Sentence Level Checklist

There are a lot of sentence level pitfalls we tend to make as writers. A few of those are listed below. Give your story a pass with this checklist to punch up the effectiveness of your writing.

Keep in mind that these items are not inherently wrong by any means. It is just that we tend to overuse them in situations where there is a stronger, clearer, more effective option.

Passive Voice

I am…

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Poetry in Prose

Prose is the go-to method when writing fiction. It is basic text without regard to any structure or the sound of words. It is clear, straight-forward, easy to understand, and is often the best method of delivering a story. But, utilizing poetic devices and techniques can enhance your story, make it more effective, and add a pleasurable element to your writing.

Dante Alighieri

The Sound

The written word is…

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In the Tall Grass by Stephen King & Joe Hill

In the Tall Grass by Stephen King & Joe Hill

In the Tall Grass

During a cross-country trip, siblings Cal and Becky Demuth stop to investigate the sounds of a child calling for help from the surrounding field of grass.

What follows is tense, exciting, and mysterious as the siblings become separated, lost, and disoriented, not knowing where the child is or how to make it back to the rest stop they parked at. In the field of grass, they…

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A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman

A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman


Weaving together horror and a detective story, Neil Gaiman crafts a unique and inventive short-story using his customary charming voice. Specifically, A Study in Emerald combines the worlds of Sherlock Holmes with the Cthulhu mythos.

a study in emerald

I expect almost everyone is familiar with Sherlock Holmes, but for those not familiar with the Cthulhu mythos, it comes from writer H. P. Lovecraft,…

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Laugh Out Loud! Top Five Humour Books For Children

Laugh Out Loud! Top Five Humour Books For Children

The key to getting children interested in reading is to keep them entertained and a great way of doing this is through humour. Some of the finest writers of children’s books have used humour to get their readers interested and everything from silly storylines to funny facts can be perfect to get a reader interested.

Books for children cover a wide number of areas and genres and we’ve picked out…

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Agostino Scafidi & Esoteric Fiction

Agostino Scafidi & Esoteric Fiction

We’ve been patiently waiting in line for years now! It’s been way too long since anyone has given us the go ahead to feel some relief and it’s high time we get our turn!
-The Invisible Papers  The Invisible Papers by Agostino Scafidi

This is my second eBook. It’s what I call Esoteric Fiction. What makes it esoteric you might ask? Well, I have always had an interest in the topic of spirituality but there was a time when I was…

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