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How do you approach writing? How do you think your favorite author does? Do you just sit down and start typing without knowing which direction you are headed, or do you put in ample forethought, planning out the path you mean to later traverse? Are you a discovery writer or an outliner?

The Explorer

In discovery writing, you create the events of the story as you go. You allow the story to unfold…

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Why Reading Fiction is Better for Avid Readers

Why Reading Fiction is Better for Avid Readers

Fiction works are written from the imaginations of writers. The fantasies of the writer come alive in the words that are put down on paper. The best fiction stories are those that are shaped by some research in real-life events, occurrences and technologies that are then used in a fictional way. Some fiction works are also written to explain phenomena that is puzzling or other occurrences that…

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Night Watch

Recommended Read: Night Watch

Russian title: Ночной дозор, Nochnoy Dozor
Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
Translated by Andrew Bromfield
Published originally in Russia: 1998
Published in US: 2008

Night Watch cover

Cover design by Gregg Kulick; Cover photograph © Bayram Tunç/Getty Images

The Story

Night Watch is a thrilling urban-fantasy about the uneasy truce maintained by two opposing organizations comprised of…

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5 Rules to Break (every so often)

5 Rules to Break (every so often)

We tend to adhere to established rules and practices of fiction writing, most of which were formed with good reason. But, rules cover a broad, generalized range. We can easily overlook the more rare exceptions to the rules that could enhance our fiction.


Always Use the Active Voice

We’re often told that using the passive voice makes for weaker, less effective sentences. And, that the better…

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Immortal L.A.

We are very pleased to present a story from the brand-new novel Immortal L.A. by Eric Czuleger.

The Meeting

His fingernails are clean. His belt buckle is silver. You can see the ceiling in the toes of his shoes. He speaks in a silken baritone.

“My question is this: Are you using it for anything?

“Because if you’re NOT using it for anything, why have it? You know what I mean?

“I had a- you know? A…

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Things I Hope Fiction Writers Will Do

Things I Hope Fiction Writers Will Do

Things I Hope Fiction Writers Will Do by Megan Potter

I like reading fiction. It is entertaining. Although these stories are just made up, I can relate to some of them or their parts. However, there are some other aspects of this genre that hinders me from totally loving it. There are some works which have in them things that hamper my reading and appreciation. Sometimes, I need or want to stop,…

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America’s Love For Alcoholic Literature

America’s Love For Alcoholic Literature

America’s Love For Alcoholic Literature by Cindy Nichols

The mythos of the American writer sitting at his chair with a typewriter and a bottle of alcohol next to him has pervaded the literary scene for generations. Writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Hunter S. Thompson, Hart Crane and F. Scott Fitzgerald have contributed to the reputation that in order to become a great American…

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Of Same and Similarity

Of Same and Similarity

Of Same and Similarity by Ailyn Koay

Lately I have been reading too many books with a reoccurring ‘something’; that ‘something’ might be a character, a backstory, anything that makes me feel like I have read it somewhere else before. It irks me greatly, having that feeling of déjà vu so frequently that I would just skip to the ending just to find any differences. If you are a reader, how often do…

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